Since 2002, a group of enthusiastic like minded people, from in and around the village of Welshampton in north Shropshire, have come together to plot and make plans for a bonfire.  But this is not the usual damp pile of wood, oh no, this is more than just a bonfire!  It is a huge themed sculptural bonfire. 
Built mainly from pallets and donated scrap wood the bonfire becomes a dramtic backdrop for a spangtacular community event.  The event centers around the giant themed sculptural bonfire and is attended by an aweful lot of people, on average 3,500!  Each year the event features a theme, and tells a story using performance, giant puppets, music, creative lighting, singing, pyro effect and fireworks. 

None of this would have been possible without the help of many talented volunteers from around the country and across the water that give their time to this event and without artistic director Gavin Lewrey at the helm.
There have been ten bonfires in all, the last being 2011.  Over this time the event has brought people together to produce something special.  There have always been withie lantern making workshops, very popular with chidren (and the adults that always seem to end up finishing the lanterns).  There have been street band and Taiko drumming workshops as well as singing workshops and childrens choirs.  If the aim of this event was to bring more of the community together, then it certainly has been a great success.
Over the past few years the committee have diversified and in 2009 presented the first Panto’ production Cinders.
For a start it was agreed that doing something indoors where it’s warm and dry would be a good idea! There was many a Frippet singing and much fun and merriment, we have even been told that the audience enjoyed it too!
Spurred on by the success of Cinders in 2010 came 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and in 2012 we had a Panto-esqe Winter show 'All fired Up'.
Music, more Frippetry, laughs and porridge. What more could you ask for.