A little look behind the scenes at the bonifire build up and what goes on over the weeks leading up to the event.....

The first weekend of the build and the pallet building begins.


This year the lantern workshops were as popular as ever.  The theme was buildings and houses from in and around the village and this became a lantern installation on the field as part of the event.


Music rehearsals in the village hall.


The build starting to take a little more shape as the bottom level is built and the first staircase is now in place.


Working on the build.


The first of the three staircases leading to the top of the cake


Left: The main performance stage on the first level of the cake gets floor boarded.

Right: The Goddess of Fire 'Pele' takes shape.


The staircases for the the performers and backstage crew are added to the rear of the build.


The second layer of the cake is added as the light fades and the 'windows' that will present the silhouettes of all 10 bonfires are now clear.


Sir Mike's boat for his journey to find the Goddess takes shape on the field.


Tech' rehearsal the day before the event and Sir Mike's Cadillac is still unfinished!


The stage is erected as the light fades


The build is now almost finished and is ready for the cake decorations and candles to be added.