A little behind the scenes look at the bonifire build up...
Weighing up the situation and pegging out the build.
The concept plans...
Left: Boodle the 'bonfire dog' is a regular visitor to the field and always sticking his nose in!
Right: The beginning of the build.
Discussions on the build.
Building goes on and it's now taking shape.
As ever the build looks a little bizzare against the Shropshire landscape.
This year we had Taiko drumming workshops to learn a Japanese drumming set for the performance.
The workshops this year were not lanterns but rather paper-scrunch sculpures that became the Gargoyles on the Haunted House.
A music rehearsal takes place on the 'sound stage'.
Puppet Pippa Pikestaff (try saying that three times!) makes an apperance on the field during the Tech' rehearsal.
The Haunted House is finished with Gargoyles attached and painted ready for the show!