For ten years, since 2002, this festival of fire has brought crowds of thousands to the small Village of Welshampton in North Shropshire.  The event has always been so much more that 'just a bonfire' and has been an ever changing mixture of storytelling, performance, live music, large scale puppets, pyrotechnic sculpture and fireworks.  All performed against the backdrop of a huge sculptural bonfire!


Sir Mike (our hero) returned to the Village, but all was not well. He had forgotten everything that was really important and after being reminded of some of his past adventures this soon became clear.
Sir Mikes only option was to make a journey (at great height!) to find the Goddess of Fire in her volcano. Only she could bring back the fire to the village which would make things right again.

We followed the History Man on his journey from childhood to a man as his story was told with visits from Jack Raven, Mother Earth and the Star Child.  As the story is told we come to understand his realization that life's 'daily grind' can dim the hopes and dreams of childhood but that this is not the way it has to be!

Pippa Pikestaff, the girl next door, and Will the Jolly Postman, came to the village this year as we burned all of our nightmares with the Haunted House.

An Egret heralded the arrival of a great Firebird in the village with a message for us all. We were reminded of just how fragile our world really is by a morris dancing badger, an overacting dying fish and a wide-boy salesman politician who just wouldn’t shut up…

One of the great Greek myth's re-told in a Welshampton style!  We had appearances from the God Neptune and the Goddess Athena before Sir Mike did battle with the deadly Medusa.
Finally, born of the blood of Medusa came Pegasus who had a fiery battle with the fearsome, fire-breathing Chimera to save us all.

This was the story of the forgotten railway from years gone by.  A giant train has joined us in the village to tell this story of the peoples railway, the politicians and the Fat Cat behind it.

This year we commemorated the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar. We met Nelson and a sea serpent told us the story and told how ‘Extremely Rear Admiral’ Sir Mike played his part in winning the battle!

Brave Sir Mike travelled to Mars in a 50ft rocket with his trusty companions, Monty Zooma (former NASA space monkey) and Buffy Ortan (Chief Navigator, space chicken) There was music, lights, spectacular fireworks (and an awful lot of rain as it happens) but a good time was had by all!

This year the village fell under the spell of local anti-heroine Ginny Greenteeth, who rose from the Mere with a plan to freeze time forever but she was thwarted by an army of brave mice who scaled Old Father Time's towering cuckoo clock to free the cuckoo.

The first bonfire in 2002, brave Sir Mike had his first adventure where he had to deal with a fearsome dragon in its gloomy castle lair.